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Estimate software development tasks playing a Planning Poker game

Working within remote teams is challenging but with Scrum Poker Estimates it’s never been easier to estimate software tasks!

Scrum Sprint 1.4

Engage your team in a fun estimating session!

  • See your results on Confluence

  • Send estimates to Jira*

  • Keep an estimate history

  • Join the session as an observer

Integrates with:

Key features of Scrum Poker Estimates

Create Tasks or Import Backlogs from Jira

If you don’t have a backlog, easily create one and add multiple tasks manually

Estimate Tasks With a Fun Game

Arrive at accurate estimates. Players vote separately and wait to reveal their hand until everyone is ready

Keep Track of Estimates

Get a feel for your team's accuracy by tracking past estimates and use them as a reference for future sprints

Guaranteed to be a winning estimate

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