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Planning With Cards


Planning With Cards helps remote teams estimate their software development tasks via Hipchat using the Planning Poker technique

Planning Cards 1

*Estimate on your existing backlogs

Easily keep track of your sprint planning and team's progress with our JIRA, Trello, Pivotal Tracker or YouTrack integrations.

Engage your team with efficient sprint planning Estimate software tasks playing Planning Poker

Integrates with:

Key features of Scrum Poker Estimates

Add a Task so you can do a Planning Poker

The add-on helps teams leverage Hipchat to make better software estimates in a collaborative environment

Estimate session with PlanningWithCards

You have two ways of participating in a Planning Poker session, either as a player or a viewer.

See estimates - high, low & average score

You are able to see all of your teams estimates and connect it to your Jira storyboards.

Manage all your estimates in one place

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